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Options to make your wedding more affordable

Over the years, we have experienced events that were on very tight budgets, as well as events that had no budget at all. No matter where you are with your finances, we believe that weddings do not have to cost a small fortune. Some of the best weddings we serviced were among the most frugal. We continue to be amazed at the originality and resourcefulness of our couples and love the challenge of creating the best wedding at the best price.

We offer a series of options to reduce the price of your wedding without compromising on the quality of your event. Our goal is to make your wedding as special as possible while still being at a price that will not break the bank.


Remove the following from your wedding package to reduce the price per person

Chef's Kitchen


Remove and replace with high-end plastic plates or eco-friendly

China for High-end plastic plates     

-$ -3.95 per person  

China for eco-friendly Bamboo plates    

- $ -2.65 per person

China for Bagasse (sugarcane-based) plates   

-$ -3.25 per person

If China is removed coffee cups and saucers would be replaced with your choice of biodegradable paper or high-end plastic mug style cups.

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis


Remove Stainless and replace with high-end plastic or eco-friendly

Stainless for high end Sliver Plastic  

-$ -1.10 per person

Stainless for eco-friendly Bamboo  

-$ -.75c per person

Stainless for eco-friendly Cornstarch  

-$ -99c per person



Remove or replace with high-end paper or eco-friendly

Cloth linens for linen-like paper, 82 x 82-inch size (limited colors)

-$ -1.55 per person

Cloth Linens for standard paper, 82 “ octy-round (more colors)

-$ - 2.25 per person

Linen Napkins for Paper linen-like napkins 

(limited colors and fold options)

-$ -50c per person

Remove All Linen Tablecloths & Do it yourself

-$ -3.25 per person

Please be advised that if you choose the DIY option, the covers you will be supplying must on the guests and service tables or be available to our staff when we arrive. If they are not, we will default to our lowest cost paper covers and bill you the cost. We will do this because we have a limited time to set and ready your event for the start time agreed.



Remove or replace with high-end plastics or eco-friendly option

Glass water goblet for 10oz clear plastic cups

-$ -1.00 per person

Class champagne glasses for clear plastic flutes

-$ -1.00 per person

Glass wine glass at bar for plastic cups  

-$ -25c per person

Glasses of Water


Guests may obtain water from your bar

Removes glass water goblets and water service to guest tables.
-$-1.65 per Person

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